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I haven't been active on the board since I sold my Mera a few years back, but I kept following the build threads and keep thinking about a new project. Then I came across this n...

10 days ago

Well the nice weather has got all kinds of cool stuff out on the road. I ran into a Lamborghini Huracan, and thisssss! The local boys that run the car community in my area have ...
Hello everyone, I was at a rather special exhibit today, sponsored by Ferrari S.p.A., commemorating the brand's 70th anniversary. The event, as you may expect was full of leg...

13 days ago

Every once in a while we work with a car that we can?t help but develop personal attachments to ? this is one of those cars. The F355 is a true Ferrari classic in every sense of...

14 days ago

Ferrari NV is considering adding a roomy four-seat “utility vehicle” as part of a major expansion push beyond its traditional supercar niche in a bid to double profit by 2022, ...

15 days ago

Did a forum search and I think this has not been posted yet. VERY cool racing video! Enjoy!

18 days ago

I was watching a video on YouTube by Petrolicious about a guy who owns a 64 GTO whose father won many important races in it back in the day. And it made me think. Simple, raw we...

19 days ago

British man totals Ferrari one hour after buying it LONDON (AP) ? A British driver has survived a major crash in his Ferrari, an hour after he bought it. Local police call...

20 days ago

The Ferrari F40 made its debut 30 years ago. It was arguably the first 'super car'. $400K was the MSRP in 1987, that's over $800K in today's money. The performance numbers are v...
Ever since I've started tracking my F-Body I've always wondered how different something like a Ferrari or Porsche would feel going ***** out around a track. Well this past month...

23 days ago

Great movie about Ford and Ferrari and their battles at Le Mans. Some incredible footage of some beautiful cars .
Found a rear scuderia badge in some spare boxes. Will include Ferrari box not pictured. $100 shipped

More than a month ago

Watch a Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat walk away from a Ferrari 458 in a quarter mile battle. Click here to watch the race on the DF Front Page!
2011 Ferrari California Less than 3,600 Miles! (no, that's not a typo) Excellent Condition! Asking $149k on other sites. $145k for CF
Quote: Ahhbondanza! A simple tire and wheel upgrade away from still being a stunning design. looks like the FF ........not an suv.....oops..its the GTC Lusso......
Have a extra new pair never mounted Ferrari Fender Shield Badges. $75 shipped. Hood emblem sold.
But I wound up with a red 2001 C5-Z06 and loving it! I purchased the car from a local retired couple with 80K kilometers on it. I'm using it a lot on the Area27 track, chasin...
Who's going to win?! IMG_7351.jpg
Just look at some of the comparisons.. the front lights as far as we know.. the high door slant near the new quarter rear window.. possibly the rear end.. and even endents on th...
Twice in the last 24 hours I have seen this model of Ferrari. The first time walking out of the mall it was parked in front of me. Unfortunately I thought it was a Subaru BRZ wi...
Hey Guys If you are fans of older Ferraris then head over to: and pickup a free file of my latest digital illustration of a 60s...
Hi, I have a completed and running Ferrari F40 for sale with many OEM parts. I had the v8 engine swap completed several years back with many performance parts at a cost of ...
If you want the most exciting DE event with Ferrari unmuffled at Lime Rock I have openings for Novice and solo drivers. I assure you a safe courteous event with tons of track ...
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