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4 days ago

Hi, Here's a trivia question for all. Did GM ever offer 100% leather seat covers in 1972 models? I mean entirely leather not just the seat and back areas. Dougtov
Guys..I just did a full interior conversion from Light Oak to Red/Black....In the process I decided I want to do away with the power seats all together...The Red ones I picked u...

7 days ago

MY drivers side power seat buzzing. The box under the seat is warm and buzzing. It stops when I move the up and down roe the back and forth buttons on side of seat
Just got new seats (already covered in leather foam with the wires) do i need to take the seats out of the car? Or will i be able to do them while there in? Ive watched a YouTub...

11 days ago

2004 C5 with electric memory sport seats. Everything on the seats seems to work/nothing seems broken, however the fore/aft movement is wonky. When I move the seat (forward o...

13 days ago

Hi guys, Nick here from south Africa Hopefully posting this in the correct place and i guess my 1st post shouldnt be a trouble shooting one But im having some strang...

14 days ago

I've just come in from my fourth attempt at removing the driver's seat in my '74. Still a no-go. Would anyone know what socket fits the nut hidden in the frame pocket? Can anyon...

17 days ago

Now that I've got my '96, its time to start ironing out its flaws. I've been looking for solutions for my problem with the sport seats, and the best solution that I've read abou...

20 days ago

hey guys, having searched already on this site i did not find a post that mentioned any videos or instructions on how to replace the upper drivers side seat cover. My 2015 jetta...
I have a set of ported 243 cylinder heads off of a 2006 gto and am doing a full valve job on them. i need to know where to buy the correct intake valve seat at as a few are dama...

21 days ago

The seatbelt in my 02 boxster s was constantly trapping me. it would lock up and I couldnt lean forward, and then it might take 2-3 times to loosen it up so that i might shift ...

22 days ago

I have a Brey Krause seat brace in very good shape. $95 plus shipping. Kirkey Race seat in great shape. 36 waist and under $200 plus shipping. Lewiston NY. ...

24 days ago

Might be a long shot but looking for driver/passenger front, or all 4 (front and rear) female buckles in blue in good condition. If I am unable to find any in blue, I might just...

28 days ago

After I put in the gently used seats in my wagon is there a market for the old ones or just take them to the dump?

More than a month ago

Does anyone know where to get the air bags for the sport seat lumbar and side bolsters? Getting ready to refoam and replace the seat covers but the bags must be blown out. I hea...
Hi , I have previously had a C5 but now own a 2005 C6, I cannot seem to get the buttons on the door if I adjust the seat to my request i.e As far bcak as possible and then hol...
hello everyone, I currently ran into a problem with my passenger's side seat belt. After an accident the seat belt wouldn't retract anymore. I bought a replacement OEM but ...
Wondering about looks and fit of these. I have some corbeau front seats thought about these to better match than the stock seats. What is your experience with them.
I've installed the driver side seat and rail in my Blob but I've found that the slider mechanism is very difficult to operate. Anyone else have the same issue? Is it some sort o...
Hi: I have a 1999 C5 with a manual passenger seat. I just bought a set of the sport seats (with the opening for shoulder harnesses) from a forum member and the passenger s...
What spec would be compatible with a set of 5-split spoke alloy rims off a 2002 Boxster? Is there a standard spec lug nut?
I could not find any good pics or forums about installing this kit so I thought I would do a quick post about my install in a 1968 Convertible. No instructions came with k...
Can you use ep3 rail and slider to fit a nrg eat into the driver side?. or do I have to buy a special slider and bracket? just trying to save as much as possible
2000 Corvette, with stock valvetrain except for LS6 blue valve springs. Mainly a street car with some road course use. I have an issue where I smoke/burn oil pretty heavily, onl...
I need a new seat in my 02 TA bracket car. Was wondering what other people have used. Looking for something light weight and will also hold the shoulder harness in place.
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