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Hey All - I've owned a few 911s over the years, but I'm getting my first 914 soon (1974 model) and would like to swap out the stock motor for a modified 2.7 engine which will be...

2 days ago

Hello folks, Has anyone converted / swapped an early 911 to a 996 transmission? I have a 73 911 (wide body/ slant nose conversion) with a 930 gearbox matted to a SBC that I...
Hello folks, new to the world of Porsche and this forum. Has anyone converted / swapped an early 911 to a 996 transmission? I have a 73 911 (wide body/ slant nose conversio...

4 days ago

Well im back with a new car to swap. I have missed my last 911 so much I have bought a new car to do. Its a running 99 with 138k mi, the engine will be pulled and up forsale ...
Morning gents we have splits my son motor. He bought the car second hand and have no history on the car. The car would emitt huge amount of white smoke enough to move 100 bee hi...
Burnt out bulbs on your car? No problem. We now have Philips Ultinon LED Lighting for your interior and exterior lighting needs. Shop everything from brake lights, turn singles,...
I am trying to get the inertia down because I like a lively engine. I have done several light wheels on a lot of vehicles, 914, 356 C in a speedster, two Toyota 2.5 trucks, Dats...

6 days ago

Here's a question for your sixers. Where is the best place to run you oil lines to the front cooler.

7 days ago

Barely used, moved to a heavier spring. Sitting in my garage for the past year, new they were $66 a piece, hundred bucks for set.

9 days ago

The car will not turn over when I turn the key. Lights, dash, radio, etc work. This occurs for several attempts, then suddenly the car starts as normal. This has happened 4 diff...

10 days ago

Calling Porsche Track Enthusiasts! Eric from APEX Race Parts here. (Don?t worry, I?m not just another internet sales guy - I?m actually leading APEX?s Porsche wheel develo...

11 days ago

Looking for a pair of Carrera fog lights to go in the cut outs of a Yellow Bird Front Spoiler. They can have the shrouds or not. Need to finish this project, almost last piece...
Not my car, just one I saw at a meet a few weekends ago. Thoughts? You Tube You Tube

12 days ago

Gents. My Good Porsche Shop alignment guy says that my trailing arm is bent, Porsche 911 2.3 ST 1971 all racecar. There is a tool P295B: I don´t ha...

17 days ago

Hello, I took the ferry to England with my Boxster. I think the anti lift system went on when the boat was moving. When I came back to drive the car out of the ferry the remot...
Looking for 2 sets of cylinder covers. thx H2OSB I put this on the wrong area. I will repost on the used parts classified
Recently upgraded my M3 brakes to Brembo Porsche calipers with E46 rotors. Even though I installed the brembo shims, the pads are squealing pretty bad its an attention getter ...

18 days ago

Hoosier rains, I'v had them for a while but only used 3 times, always stored in plastic bags. $200. Email me if interested] 4 - 225/50/16
Found this on youtube. Cool stuff! It must have been made sometime early in the 1973 season, because at one point Mark makes a comment alluding to not having won a race yet! If...

20 days ago

This forum was one of my favorite daily stops on the internet, but it's seemed to have cooled off. Is everyone putting their cars away or something? Let's see some autocross v...

21 days ago

I have a full Aim G-Dash and Evo Data logger. never used. I ended up keeping my old Aim system in the car. Pegasus sells this set up for $1700 , I'm asking $895 plus shippi...

22 days ago

Here is the build, a year after the CHP rear ended my car, we ended up putting a V8 in there and doing a lot of custom work to make the car perform at a very high level. 410 HP ...

23 days ago

Thanks in advance for any help on this....Just bought a 1970 with a transplanted 2 litre motor. Bought from Porsche guy with a dozen cars, owned this 25 years but has not been ...

24 days ago

I'm replacing the entire inner long (rusted in too many areas to patch), full floor, inner rocker, and probably the inner wheelhouse. How best to remove the front of the in...
1970 914-6 All original. Factory exchangers full of holes. First set of Dansk are horrible and don't really fit. Second set fit pretty well except that the outlets are...
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