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I cannot run anywhere near the recommended pressures from Hoosier. First time out I started at 22 with a target of 27. This past weekend I backed it down to a hot target of 2...


From my 1st track season on slicks with my older 911. (A whole other story), I got a question about labeling On various manufacturers of racing slicks, there are some red o...

4 days ago

I know it's not an exciting topic but I was wondering what set ups you are using to install your front tow hook. I had a steel bar across the two front torsion bars. It has a ho...
I am purchasing a '74 914 and am wondering if the 4 bumper guards tacked onto the front and rear bumpers can (easily) be removed and, if so, is there some sort of plug/ cap that...

9 days ago

I bought a pair of G Force Racing Shoes, size 10 (US), at an estate sale. Never used. Slightly too small for me, so offering up here. They are SFI Spec 3.3/5. Manufacture date i...

10 days ago

My speedometer stopped working and the abs light and traction control light came on. Any ideas what could be wrong?

12 days ago

Hi folks, first time on this forum so be gentle if I ask especially dimwitted questions. Grin. If I had the missing front section from another car that was straight, how n...

13 days ago

In your opinion would a 914 be the right car for an electric conversion? Thinking ahead to my next DIY project. Appreciate all thoughts. - Thanks

14 days ago

Cross posting a good deal on a set of new in box Hawk Blue race pads for 3.2 Carrera. FS Hawk Blue Race Pads - New in Box - 9012 Compound Bill

18 days ago

Hey guys - First Post and First V8! Here in England we only have a few V8s, which mainly come in German cruisers. But I've imported an LS1 from Australia for my latest project....

20 days ago

Hey everyone, I finally got around to putting together a bunch of clips from the 914 Swap Meet a couple weeks ago at Bruce Stone's shop. It's silly stuff but there are some g...

23 days ago

Iv a litchfield type 25 blobeye, can somebody please tell me what fitment pads are needed? What are owners using brand wise? i have padgid pads and find them awful on initia...

24 days ago

For sale Teamtech race belt set (1). Five point, cam lock, like new. $150.00 plus shipping. PayPal please. Best, Mark

26 days ago

My 996 now has a full blown cage (and is being built out into full race car...3.9L GT3 RSR) I thought I had sold to a PCA guy back east but never heard from him. At this...
Thank you for the countless of fans who came by our booth! We are appreciative of the positive outpour and want to thank you with our amazing SEMA After Sale 20% OFF Extravaganz...

27 days ago

I'm looking for a proper early 914-6 25 spline axle shaft; one of mine is damaged. Don't need the CVs but will consider a complete axle if necessary. Please let me kno...

28 days ago

I have 2004 porsche 996 that i put an ls2 in from a 2005 corvette. I just finished the coversion and it starts and idles and you can rev it up but if you drive it at about 20 mp...
who has an infield parking pass they cant use? Sorry your cars not ready or your wife has a blah blah blah you hafta go to that weekend and your plans fell through! Ill cover yo...
Fun track weekend at Buttonwillow as 70+ time trial drivers and 42 club racers enjoyed the fine fall weather. Photos are up at Google: Friday:

More than a month ago

Hi, Feels like a silly question that I think I know the answer to, but I want to be sure. I have bought a pair of 36mm rear torsion bars. There is a set for sale that are ...
I bought this clear title project car out of FL because I have a variety of drivetrain possibilities to package it with. Porsche purists tell me the 78 911 3.0 engine with 3.0 ...
I recently scored a set of 16x8 and 16x9s for my Carrera. I was putting off ordering tires until last week. When I went to order the RE-11s from I found that they n...
Selling my R3 - $150 plus shipping 2009 certification, quick release anchors, sliding tethers Comes with seat pad and helmet anchors
Hello All. I know this is a dumb question, but should the battery be negative or positive terminal to the front of the car? Stop laughing! I am putting the battery back in after...
Good Morning: I hope this finds each of you in good spirits as we trek through a suddenly cool Fall. I for one think a more southern location is in the cards. Perhaps a ...
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