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Installing some Hawk HPS 5.0 Pads on a friends 07 Z06 and I see that 8 of the pucks have one number stamped on the back of the puck and 4 have a different number. Are all the pu...

4 days ago

Best Corvettes SEMA 2017 By Brian Dally SEMA plays host to dozens upon dozens of cars, trucks, and pretty much anything you can stick an engine into. However, among the ...
OBD II Auto Code Scanner Automotive Diagnostic Scan Tool for for C6 Corvette Link to product: ...
Hey guys just curious on what value this Vette would go for. A little about it... it's an '05 with the LS6 and t56. It's got 25k miles on it. It is a 1 owner car, bought by my B...

6 days ago

Record Breaking LS1 Engine By Clint Harris GM has long prided itself on high-quality vehicles. This is one is for the books that would make any GM fan happy!
Just wanted to give a shout out for Pat G, down in Victoria, Texas. I had an ECS supercharger kit installed and the tune was never correct. I was told there were issues that I...

9 days ago

I end got a 2004 Z06 with an LS3 based 416 and ARH 1 7/8" headers and an oil cooler necessitating an adaptor at the block that leaves no room for getting a sender in there witho...
Like Patrick said on the HP , this thing is nothing short of incredible! You Tube You Tube

10 days ago

Daily Slideshow: When Titans Collide: The GT2 RS Vs The 2019 ZR1 By Brett Foote This epic pair of supercars debuted mere weeks apart. Which means it's time for a detaile...
My Tech2 still can scan my 2015 GMC Acadia, even though the newest year in the Tech 2 software is 2013. Anyone know if the Tech 2 will work on a 2014 and newer Corvette? ...
I have replaced the following: Fuel pump, fuel pump relay, fuses, oil sending unit, oil pressure switch, distributor cap & rotor, coil & spark plugs. Still no start and no fue...
I have a 85 corvette that runs rich and wont idle, dies when i let off the gas. The car throws no trouble codes. I have two different proms ive tried and they make no difference...

16 days ago

The ZR1 was on full display in LA, and Jake got a bunch of shots. Head to the HP to see the full gallery!
I need to replace front right mesh screen in the bumper of my C5 Z06, anyone have a good source of one that is the original GM? Been finding a bunch of the cheap ones all over t...
Hi guys, just joined after getting no help from people on car just started making this noise and after taking it to a speed shop, they said it was a spun bear...
Greetings all, Anyone ever have to replace an '88 coup window regulator on the drivers side? Seems that a weld or pivot point took a dump inside my drivers door. How diffic...

18 days ago

Was informed that the entire Throttle body needs to be replcement and reprogrammed for way to much $$$ Can this be done in myself? Any ideas

20 days ago

Tried data loggging the car but all it did was spin for the most part. Got some good exhaust video in the process. Enjoy. You Tube You Tube
I just put on new 275/40 18 on rear as was when I bought car. Had 255/45 17 on front but I changed to 255/40 17 on front, now ABS & ASR light comes on. Is this a serious problem...

24 days ago

C6 Z06 corvette specifications for converting it to fuel direct injection and automatic transmission? Hello, I want to buy a 2006 to 2013 C6 Z06, which model year has th...
Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and a coming year filled with good health and prosperity. We all have a lot to be thankful for sure. To help say thank you to all our ...

26 days ago

[email protected ] Use Coupon Code BLACKFRIDAY (Excludes ALL LG Motorsports Products) [email protected ] Use Coupon Code BLACKFRIDAY Black Friday Sa...

27 days ago

Hi, I recently purchased a z06 that was tuned with an airaid cold air intake, heads, and cam. The seller removed the airaid intake prior to the sale and put the stock intake bac...

More than a month ago

What kind of wot timing are you guys running? Stock ls3 besides headers, ls9 cam. I know it varies with rpm and load but just a general wot range. I am currently tuning my...
I lost the key so I put a new one in but the security won't let the fuel injections work how do I bypass it the starter will work it just won't let it get fuel need help
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