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2 days ago

Any CX-5 owners out there? Contemplating picking up a lightly pre-owned model. (2013? to 2016, under $20k, pref. under $18k, hopefully under 75k miles, well under if possible...

3 days ago

I drive a 1982 Fiat X1/9 since I can't afford a Ferrari 308 GTS. I love the X1/9, like driving a go-cart. The only snag is the bhp, would have been nice to have say 120 bhp ins...

7 days ago

Started a hunt for a practical hatchback yesterday and drove both a 2.0L and a 2.5L Mazda 3 Sport with a manual. While driving them it sure felt like the 2.5L had a lot more pow...

8 days ago

2010 Mazda 5 got a 301 code and will be looking at plugs tomorrow. From reading, seems valve cover gasket leaks, bad plug, plug wiring and coil are likely will st...

11 days ago

But not the Miata. Traded my '14 Mazda 3s GT last month for a new (to me) ride. I owned the 3 right at 2 years and liked it a lot, but it was time for a change. My new purchase ...

25 days ago

A few things I've had the use of a brand new (450mi) 2016 Mazda 3 hatchback while the fabric top is being replaced on my '16 Miata under warranty. The roads I drive have many...

26 days ago

So what do you all think of this? Vaporware or the real deal? I'll believe it when I see it in on the showroom floor. Lets hope Mazda prices this for the masses as a base eng...

28 days ago

I went and test drove this vehicle today as part of Operation JSW Replacement. The weak points(besides no diesel) that I noted are no Apple Play , limited vision out of the back...
It's amazing how much engine innovation is taking place in the face of EV's. Mazda confirmed that the next-generation of SkyActiv engines will employ HCCI technology, impro...

More than a month ago

This is happening much sooner than everyone expected. At least for me, I'm surprised how soon Mazda has this figured out. It could be why Toyota was interested in engine techn...
I was speaking with a Mazda USA guy I know in Detroit, trying to pry upcoming product info from him earlier this week. He said there would be something interesting coming up at ... Does it only come in Grey? Haven't seen the car in any decent colors. Has anyone else?
If it looks like this, which seems to be a nice progression from the RX Vision concept, then I think it will have a pretty good reception. I know this is just a render, but I am...
Today I picked and I4 cylinder 2013 I Touring Red Mazda6. Has 56K miles. I am pretty psyched. It sure seems more nimble than my V6 Altima. Is that Red Soul Red? Kid is goin...
Mazda to offer an EV in 2019, and possibly with a rotary range extender, per Green Car Reports:
All new KF CX-5 Started Production Yesterday.. Fantastic Looking thing for an SUV , should sell well. Plus it looks like you guys in USA will finally get the 2.2 Diesel w...
Heard it handles like it's " on rails" Sent from my iPhone using MX5
Some of the other posts got me to thinking... With the new lineup recently refurbished in the last couple of years, it there a dud in any of them?
Not sure if anyone noticed, but for 2017 the EPA revised their fuel economy testing methods to add in "road-load", other new tech, etc. and some cars lost on average 1 mpg. But ...
Mazda must have its eyes on VW customers turning in their TDIs. More details available at the Los Angeles auto show quickly upcoming.
The most anticipated cat at SEMA was Rob Dahm's insane AWD, 4 Rotor RX-7. Finally revelaed in the Garrett Turbo booth sporting Vossen Forged LC-101 wheels, the car blew away eve...
It seems there are endless variations of what Mazda should build on the ND platform. Is there any Agreement? Pictures aren't meant to be what they new car would look like, they...
Apparently you can't have this car without that hideous (to me) weirdo auburn leather, at least on the dash. Both signature and grand touring come with it according to ONE pictu...
This is the first time I've heard of the old Cosmos for sale in the US. Current bid is $61,500, which is an utter steal, but 5 days left. Wow! I wish I had a large chunk of cash...
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