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There is a thread going about the side air vent on the ICE models and its purpose. That vent is on the electric models too. Does it serve any useful purpose on our electrics? ...
Need to replace my passenger DRL and have the new one here but can't seem to find info on how to remove and install it. Does anyone have a picture of the back of the panel? ...


I just ran acrossed key and FOB replacements on e-bay and also on wish.geek websites. I jumped at the chance on Geeks to order 2 keys that were complete with electronics and the...

2 days ago

Many of the SMART ED are now entering their fourth year, and I'm wondering if any of you have had your battery either repaired or replaced under BAP?
New SMART ED owner with two simple questions about water which the manual doesn't seem to answer: 1) Can I plug in the charger in the rain? Or will water cause havoc? ...
Has anyone experienced the intake fender vent and air box vibrating enough that it makes a rattling sound at idle? If so what is the cure please. I haven't been able to stop it ...

3 days ago

as a new owner i am constantly amazed at what this car can do compared to american iron. the other day i learned this car will turn the hazard lights on when in an accident. wha...
I'm trying to remove my steering wheel, so I can get the brabus frame on. I've tried using a Torx t40 driver on my smart and a friends, BUT can't get it to budge at all. My...
before someone says i already posted this let me say i searched ALL my threads and have not found my question why does the "P" light stay on when the car is turned off

4 days ago

Had a miserable experience in what I consider minuscule amount of snow this weekend. While I haven't installed Blizzaks yet, I didn't feel we've had enough snow to worry. Took...

6 days ago

There appear to be a lot of questions about the numbers around the Battery Assurance Plus Program ("BAP"). I have it and I am reading straight from the lease agreement transfer ...
Just read a news post from USA Today indicating the gas version would be discontinued after this model year but the electric version will continue?

7 days ago

Hey folks. I did a quick search to find out what the charger size was for the new ED. We obviously have the 3.3 in our 2015 but found various references to 6.6 or 7.7 chargers...

8 days ago

Okay, here's a dumb question. Since we bought our Smart two months ago, the owners manual packet has been on the kitchen counter to become familiar with the car. Today I decid...
I unfortunately live in Arkansas. I've had my Smart for two weeks and it's easy to see that country boy rednecks in big pickup trucks are offended by Smart Cars and smart driver...

10 days ago

Found these on you tube and hadn't noticed them in the forum. Smart Electric Drive E18-2evo Battery Production - YouTube ...

12 days ago

What Are All The 2015 Smart Cars Showing Up on Local Car Lots With Less Than 100 Miles. All Are White. Selling For $8,000 Thanks
My 451 has the 2 spoke steering wheel. I just bought a used three spoke one with the shift paddles on it. I hope the air bag from the 2 spoke fits the 3 spoke. But anyway I know...
I have a 2016 Smart Proxy with 20,000 miles and took it in today for the 20 K service to the Mercedes Benz Dealership and was told I should have my brakes and routers replaced! ...

13 days ago

I'm reading up on this guide: Though aside from the wheel angle sensor and airbag removal looking tricky, I'm wo...
i bought my 08 in Dec with 28k on it. i asked what service was done and was told oil was changed and there was even a sticker in the corner of the windshield. well i was under i...

14 days ago

Here's a link to my latest video with my 2016 smart Fortwo Edition #1 in it.

15 days ago

A truly loaded question. Peace of mind concerning the battery even though it adds up in cost over the years. Trying to live as debt free as possible. Opinions anyone?

16 days ago

I have an unbelievable story to share. I have to give a shout out to Smart for standing behind their product. I have a 2013 ED that I bought used about 6 months ago. It had ...

17 days ago

Hello gang, Had to give back my ED at the end of the lease and had placed an order for anew one but in the meantime we decided to consolidate two cars and ended up buying a...
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