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I have a 2016 ED and I love it so far. The other day, I was driving along and I happened to look down and notice that the red SRS / Airbag indicator light was illuminated. At ...

2 days ago

I'm having serious issues finding this part. It's going bad on my car and I can't find the part locally or online either! Can someone guide me in the right direction?
Smart EV, Tysingers in Hampton Virginia Under 10,000 miles, under $9,000 dollars... 2014 Used smart fortwo electric drive For Sale | Hampton VA | VIN: WMEEJ9AA5EK773008
Decided as we were passing through San Jose, CA to stop at the smart center there to check out the 453. When I got there I saw a 2014 ED sitting there and took it for a test...

4 days ago

With the passenger seat of a fortwo folded flat-forward, would there be enough length to adapt that space to fit a customized platform for a bed within the space stretching from...
I'm very curious what kind of smart 451 this is? I really like that interior. I just can't make out the sail panel lettering enough to read.

5 days ago

Hey all! New to smart and even newer to EVs. Just bought a 2013 ED a few weeks ago and I feel like I should get it looked at as it's been about a year since the previous o...
Last night I was driving to Walmart and there is a place on the road that is a real sharp "S" shape. I went to hit my high beams by pushing on the turn signal stalk. Well in my ...
seen about 50 cars lately online for less than 5k and low low miles electric drive curious if there is anyone here with an electric drive and any thoughts/concerns/complain...

6 days ago

After 9 years of driving my Turbo charged Cabrio (140hp at the wheels) I was getting jaded on the metallic blue. So, I had the car wrapped. When my wife saw it she said "REALL...

9 days ago

So, long story short… and without blaming the wife… My snowblower met up with the charging cable for my Smart car. It's a leased Smart, with the lease coming to a close at the ...

10 days ago

Rather than hijack an existing thread, I thought I'd start with a new one. I was speaking with Mercedes Benz Finance today; they are the folks that administer the SMART BAP pla...
Air Bag light has been on most of the summer. On the occasional cool morning in this past fall, the light would remain off until the external temp came up to about 70 or so. N...

11 days ago

I'd like to replace my front left fender due to some damage that was there when I bought my ED. I've tried searching around on salvage yard sites. Is there a better way to find ...
All, I have a unique problem with my 2008 Pure Smart Car. When I park my car in my driveway the battery goes dead in 3 days. ? I have been through 2 new battery?s so it...

13 days ago

Quote: By: Adrian Padeanu, Editor Most affordable model starts from ?17,558 once you factor in the applicable government incentive. Smart?s trio of el...
Finally got to take my 2016 out to The Dragon today, I was amazed. It handled like a dream, felt very nimble, and had no problems at all with the road. Felt the stability nanny ...

14 days ago

Frequent readers of this forum will remember that I am highly skeptical about the rate at which battery technology is evolving. I am so skeptical about there being a ground-bre...
If you're in the Austin area stop by, or catch these events live on Facebook:
smart-magazine Visit at the smart plant in Hambach | smart magazine Tridion wet painting 101 Smart GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
My 2016 ForTwo has this operating system: D1-3 (7.3.5) - is that the latest software? I have a manual shift so it might be different.

15 days ago

That was what I was able to read on my dusty car one day below the license plate. Found out my ED was one of 25 or so silver Smart ED's from a failed project in Las Vegas, NV to...
This car is being offered to me by an old friend for a. Sry reasonable amount. only has 41k miles and has been garaged most of its life. My hesitation is that I am looking for a...

16 days ago

The comments of an electrical engineer would be useful here (hint, hint), but an interesting article states if properly used, our high voltage batteries could last 15 to 20 year...
Had an e-mail exchange with my local (140 miles away) Smart dealership and here are a few interesting quotes from that exchange. Len 2014 EV "We won't get 2017 EDs u...
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