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Hey guys just joined the forum after lurking for a while so thought I would introduce myself. I'm currently driving a BMW 325i M Sport and seriously considering an FN2 Type R GT...
Hello Honda masters This is my first time on line and im not a mechanic but im trying to find a short that is draining my 12 v battery in 3 hours from the time I turn it off. I ...
Never seen this before, just wanted to share. Really cool look for how simple it is. Looking for my own CRZ right now, will have to do this once I get mine. Found this on Car...

2 days ago

in the market for a 2015 Cr-v. I may go look at a certified 2015 one and its only $12,0000 also VERY LOW MILES !!!. Why are these cars so much cheaper than any other 2015 vehicl...

3 days ago

Hi guys. I'm just wondering if anyone does this? The manual advises that you should disconnect the battery before charging but I don't really want to reset all the ECU...
This is what I thought when driving back from work a month or so ago. Now I hear it very often. Hardly ever escape it. Tick, tick, tick, tick. I can barely escape the... WI...
Dealer says to change Air Filter. Mileage is 30,000. But I have not inspected filter. Should I buy Honda Brand or is there a better Brand Air Filter for my Hybrid

5 days ago

Hi I'm not sure if this is where I should post this. In January's high winded a tree landed on my CRZ damaging the roof and a few other little things externally. My i...
Hello guys. I bought armrest, but it came without bracket (mount that attaches it to the body). Does anyone know the part number of this bracket

7 days ago

I was looking at buying the philips HIR2 bulbs for the low beam. I found the latest philips LED bulb looks better, but more expensive. Anyone try these ? http://www.amazo...

8 days ago

Hi CR-Z people... ...After my previous experience I now have in my possession a working CR-Z GT.... I originally purchased one back in Mid November that had a fault that neve...

10 days ago

Hey guys/gals, Hopefully posting this in the right place. I own a 11' CRZ 6 speed. I noticed on my drive to work today a couple people we're flipping me off as I was waitin...

11 days ago

My son just bought a 2012 civic hybrid with only 44k miles on it. We just found out the ac compressor needs replaced (noticeable knocking)! This seems absurd that a car with su...

12 days ago

I have a Honda hds him with dated software. Anyone know where you can get a current software upgrade without having to pay Honda $800 + ? Wld make things easier for my Cr-z.
The previous owner somehow manage to have scratches all over the dashboard, include the panel that adjust the side mirror, and the clear plastic on the meters etc. I manage to...

13 days ago

94 auto GS sedan. I parked it earlier in the day and in the evening no start. Courtesy and footwell light and ignition green ring light around the key is on. The dash lights ...

14 days ago

Two years since I was registered in this forum,and some more looking, and finally I found a great unit, a really difficult thing here in Spain 219.000km (136.000 miles), with ph...
I need help i believe my starter is about to die or I think it is. I hear a weird noise when i start the car like its choking only towards the driver side. its weird when i driv...
Honda CRZ OR MX5? I drove both.. and crz ex does have nice features.. but i want a daily driver. I like the miata cause its way way faster and no roof I like...

15 days ago

90 Sedan 5MT, with a persistent problem of faulty dimmer/illumination controller, which kaputs both dash and tail lights, as some of you know. I am simply unable to find a ...

16 days ago

I realized today it's been over 3 years since I traded in my Z or visited the forum. I started looking back at some old pics and reminiscing, so I thought I'd stop in. How...

20 days ago

Here's where I'm at guys. Just clicked over 220,000 miles this last weekend. I've owned my CRZ since May 2011 which translates into roughly 126 miles per day average.
my crz is getting close to at 93k miles. Does it need a timing chain replace? Doesn't seem to said anything about timing belt chain in the owner manaul. tnks

21 days ago

The topic explains most of the question I have. I want to know what the absolute best oil would be for the engine. It has 150,000 miles currently. It's a 2002 Honda Civic Cou...
Dallas JDM Motors is dedicated to bringing you high quality performance and low mileage Japanese engines and transmissions, directly from Japan, at the lowest price possible. Da...
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