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So on most of my prior turbo cars, I've done some sort of liquid injection. Different types of mixes; pre, post, combined etc. I've come to like before the impeller best of all....


Hey Guys i have a choice to makei am looking to upgrade my mustang Supercharger. MY RIDE I have a 1997 ford mustang Gt c...

2 days ago

Hey guys, I have a 96 and I need a new transmission mount. I have a 3550 TKO HD600 with a stock cross member, Trying to figure out which mount I need. All the prothane mounts sa...

3 days ago

My 103e has a weird starting problem it will start with a 12v jump start and then runs ok but it won't start with a 6v battery . I've put a new 6 v battery on stripped a...
wanted one for over 50 year's, never got round to buying one till now, it need's a bit of fetteling, ie setting the brake's up, and the engine setting's looking at, everything r...
Hey guys I'm looking for a pic of two of the vacuum line setup on the passenger side of the motor that goes to the fuel pressure regulator and elsewhere. Thanks!
You Tube You Tube Any he...
My 08 Escape Hybrid lost some transmission fluid during a cv axle replacement. How to add fill transmission fluid and check the level?

4 days ago

I just bought this TT 03. It has been swapped over to manual steering, manual brakes and AC has also been removed. The car has a 99-01 timing cover. That being said are the hydr...
Hey guys I am new to the forum and am looking to get more power out of the car I just bought. The car has the 4.10 gears, SLT CAI, subframe connectors, SCT tuner, BBK X pipe, ch...
Which of these three would give the best ride quality? I don't want a slammed car, just some of the wheel gap gone. I know all three of these are similar drops. The Steeda ...
12th Sebring win 3rd straight!

5 days ago

Installing new plugs and the back plug on the drivers side just will not start. Threads seem fine on the head from what I can tell and the plugs are the same that came out (NGK ...
Quote: Back in 1990, we realized people were buying more trucks...a lot more! We tested the new F-150 and (correctly) predicted that Ford would continue to d...

6 days ago

I am thinking about putting in a Tilton hydraulic throwout bearing in my 2004 t56 cobra transmission. Does anyone have any experience with this? Pros? Cons? I just swapped out m...
ok i have been searching around and can not get a straight answer,will the stock fuel line on my 2003 gt handle e85 fuel.or will it eat them up,thanks for any help.

7 days ago

So I have been running a Devil's own basic kit for over a year now, with no problems. I opted to not get a controller and use a HOBS switch to keep it simple and not add somethi...
Motor is a 4.75 MMR engine that I bought 2nd had,but had never ran till I bought it. Engine currently has about 1400 miles on it. I took it out this winter to inspect because I ...
I have a 1993 mustang Gt with the following mods: BBK CAI, trick flow intake, Edlebrock RPM heads, Comp extreme energy cam, comp push rods, comp roller lifters and 1.6 rock...
I have a 02 GT auto that overheated and seized the motor. It had some stage 1 cams in it...are the cams usually ok to reuse from an overheated motor?
Alright gentleman. I'm going to go hear again. I see many diff places that people post about upgrading to the 8-rib pulley systems, well I'm wanting to do this. I have a 96 plat...
I had a 98GT that had a 100% plastic intake that cracked years ago. Replaced it with 1 that had the first runners aluminum. Are the PI intakes known to crack somewhere else?

8 days ago

I'm running vp110 in my '04 built twin turbo 2v car. I race it, but enjoy Sunday drives as well. Last time it was tuned, I had 02's plugged and turned off because of the leaded ...

9 days ago

Is mmr the only supplier that carries a stock full kit for our 4valve teksids? Nothing against mmr,and there 419.00 out the door for all 4 tensioners,guides,chains etc..besides ...

10 days ago

Anyone ever change the pulley input shaft seal on a procharger p1-sc/D1-SC. Have a D1-sc just barely seeping oil and its driving me nuts. Already put a vent in the position of t...
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