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2 days ago

How do you CTS owners like your sun visors ? Any issues ? I found a pair that I might install in a Trans Am. The CTS sun visors are very nice compared to OEM F-bodies.

3 days ago

My 2010 CTS is approaching 75,000 miles and I have researched as to what kind of differential fluid was installed at the factory with no luck. I am wondering how often the fluid...

4 days ago

i have a 78 seville and my blower is not working unless in off position i have no schematics any suggestions what to check cant find the blower resistor

5 days ago

We had a few folks interested on a meetup from a diff forum, so I'm cross posting here: Weather looks decent enough, so: Katies Cars and Coffee Saturday 02/18 I'l...

6 days ago

Anybody know the fuel pump ground wire color? I'm lazy and don't want to pull the bucket to check. Thanks!

8 days ago

How in the world have you got the parking brake retention spring back on? Got about a popsicle stick worth of room between the parking brake shoes and axle flange. Also tried fr...

9 days ago

Has anyone have problems with this? It was going in and out intermittently and now it's out completely.
So recently I have been toying with the idea of getting another truck and trading in or selling the V.... I had gotten trade value offers from 10k-11k for my 06 with 96k miles. ...
Finally got 90% of my parts together and ready to start the build? Some of you already know the background that led me down this path from a thread I posted seeking advice b...

10 days ago

I mean, it's a 12 year old car. They won't cover modification costs, and I'm at 117k. So if I* total it then I'm going to get what? Like 8k max? minus 1k deductible and salvage ...
Hi all, looking for recommendations on a reasonable priced set of replacement tires for a 2013 RWD coupe?
Hi guys. Ive had my cts for over a year now. has 141k miles and tuned everything up since previous owner didn't do squat to maintain the car in top notch condition. I recently g...
The main Powerdrive Battery, GM P/N 19180442 has been discontinued. Anyone know of a superceding part number? Is there any way to replace single cells yet on the Tahoe like ...

11 days ago

Well since I got a badass tax return, I am finally able to get the tranny rebuilt and swap the engine that I have had and been building for years now. I want to make sure I have...
Hello everyone im new here hoping to figure this problem out i am having! i bought a 2007 cts from an auction that was not running i got it home and stuck my breaker bar on t...

12 days ago

I'm going to be doing a whole bunch of work to my car here soon and I plan to go ahead and completely remove the rear subframe during the process. The question I have is, sh...
Anyone tried one of these? The price is pretty darn appealing. The Tuning Shop seller.
When I had the 8.8" conversion installed, I also went with the Revshift bushings in the rear of the cradle to mount the diff (these ). Figured the diff was going to be out, why ...

13 days ago

Spotted a black 2005 ctsv at a local dealer. 105,000 miles in pretty good shape. Took it out for a test drive ran great, shifted smooth even with the sloppy shifter. It appears ...

14 days ago

I finally got to baseline my 2005 V today. The car was like this when I purchased it. Less than 9k miles on the driveline. LQ4 bored .030" over, Mahle forged pistons, H-be...
I just replaced the Clutch Position Sensor that throws the check engine light and turns off cruise control. It was pretty straight forward, the sensor is located up between the...

15 days ago

Too late now but I'm still looking for insight. Husbands truck. Emissions light comes on 80 miles from home while hwy driving. Next it looses power and misfire light comes on. H...
How much of a diameter difference can there be between the rear and front tires before the traction control goes wacky? I have STS-V wheels and was thinking of doing 285/35/19 (...

16 days ago

I came across this on Google i know there are guys who went this route, can you still buy this supercharger? If so who carriers it? Can not find it anywhere i have a Part Number...

18 days ago

Fellas, I can't afford this right now but it looks like a pretty good deal if someone is looking to score a diff ...
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