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Questions setting up an Alpine PXA-H800

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Just wondering if I could get some advice on setting up my PXA-H800?

I already read the manual, all 98 pages of the H800 thread and searched this forum first.

Here are my system specs:


Parrot Asteroid Smart


Hertz MLK 165 (component set)

Freq Resp. 35-25K

Xover 2.5kHz @ 12dB Oct.



Freq Resp. 18hz-1kHz


Alpine PDX-V9

Alpine PXA-H800 + RUX C800

I'm running Front L + R RCA's from the Parrot into the AUX 1 & 2 Input of the H800.

RCA AUX INPUT Pattern is 2chx3 Input (AUX1 L + R)

I'm running 3 sets of RCA's from the H800 into a PDX-V9


CH-1 & CH-2 (Front High) -> CH-1 & CH-2

CH-3 & CH-4 (Front Mid) -> CH-3 & CH-4

CH-5 & CH-6 -> (Subwoofer) -> sub W. (L) & (R)

All filters on the amp have been turned off as i'm running active except the subsonic filter which I have at 23hz

AMP Gains set to nominal for now

Speaker System selected is F-2way+R+SW (4.2ch system)

I've turned the Rears to OFF

Settings from RUX

FRONT HIGH - Tweeter




AUX Input - "AUX 1"

AUX In gain - "High"

AUX Volume Level - 0dB

Couple things I have questions about as i'm not getting and sound out of the mids and what sound I am getting out of the tweeters and sub is very quiet.

1) Do I select "High" or "Low" for the AUX In Gain?

2) Should I adjust AUX Volume Level?

3) I'm controlling the volume from the RUX so I set the HU volume to 3/4. Is this correct?

4) Crossovers, this is where I really got confused

Front High

I set the HPF for the Tweeters to 2.5Khz and the LPF to off

Front Mid

The first run through I set the HPF to 2.5Khz and the LPF to 100hz

On the second run through when I was playing around I couldn't select the Front Mid settings at all, not too sure what happened.


Set the HPF to OFF

Set the LPF to 100hz

For some reason I only get sound out of the tweeters and sub now, i'm assuming it has something to do with me not being able to select the mids anymore. I'll try a resetting the H800 and going through the setup again.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Date: Nov 29, 2013   

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