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DDPR Lotus Exige S2

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It's been quite an inspiration here on especially threads, posts and advice by DD Performance Research Jason and Dave not to mention Manny over on and a few emails to Rana. My car is a Lotus Exige, rather than going the normal route of supercharging I wanted to increase the drivability something akin to an S1. 06 the car weighed 920kg, now it's closer to my goal of 799kg, it took some serious surgery to achieve. Power thanks to the guys mentioned above is up from 189bhp to 231bhp giving me 290bhp per ton. Nothing new here I know (head scratching stuff on Lotus forums) but crucial in making the car remarkably more competitive on track overall. Anyway I hope it's of interest.....

So out with the old.....

In with the new.


Toyota bearing

Fidanza flywheel

Fidanza clutch

Eibach springs

Piper stage 3 cams

Baffled G-pan 3

Laminova oil cooler

Triple pass Proally rad already installed

Polished & Ported head skimmed again (compression now 12.5)

Supertech valves

Ti retainers

MWR Underdrive alternator pully

MWR water pump pully

Track Club oil pump gears

TRD 170f thermostat

Mahle piston set 12.3:1 compression 82mm Xylan Coated

Track Club billet rods

OEM Crank

NGK race plugs

Block Nikasil coated

2bular Big bore 4-2-1 1 3/4" header/no step primary (port matched)/decat/repackable GT3 exhaust

440 injectors

Updated fuel pump

DD Performance Research intake manifold and short ram intake.

DD Performance Research 80mm throttle body assembly

Radium fuel rail

Radium catch cans

Eliseparts ECU



Shake down.......

Date: Aug 6, 2013   


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