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Huron Speed Gen 5 single turbo kit

Forced Induction - LS1TECH -
Ok, so who has installed one of these?

I see it is discontinued, and when I went to look for instructions on how to install, they were not available.

I have a 2010 in the shop with this kit.

It appears to have had the DEI heat protection kit installed.

The following was burnt to a crisp.....

1. Main wiring harness from the PCM to the engine which runs under the pass side manifold exit.

2. Heater hoses.....ditto on the routing.

3. Fuel line......runs right next to the manifold, the extra heat insulation burned to a crisp.

4. Drivers side AC line burned through.......surprised it didn't catch fire.

5. Main batt cable burned through.......

6. Coolant sensor melted into a blob.

7. Fancy plug wires burnt to a crisp.

8. Alternator connector melted into a blob.

9. Cooling fans melted

10. Turbo oil drain runs into the frame and wasn't AN line, it was heater hose.....


I've rebuilt this kit the best I can.

Moved the main harness to above the manifold.

Built a heat shield for the PCM.

Moved the heater hoses.

Moved the AC lines.

Moved the main batt cable.

Trimmed the fan structure a bunch.

Added real heat wrap to the exh plumbing.

It still burnt a plug wire.

Perhaps why it was removed from the market?

Lastly, plug changes? Basically impossible w/o removing the manifolds. Reading plugs on the dyno?

Forget it unless you do just two pulls per day....and then maybe you can look at one or two.

Date: Oct 13, 2017   

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