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More than a year ago

Volkswagen ARVW. Volkswagen EA489 Basistransporter. Volkswagen Brasilia. Volkswagen Derby. Volkswagen Iltis. Volkswagen K70. Volkswagen Plattenwagen. Volkswagen SP...
The Volkswagen Touran is a compact MPV based on a vertically stretched fifth generation of the Volkswagen Golf. It was launched in 2003.
Volkswagen Taro, Has anyone ever seen or heard of these? Joint effort between toyota and VW back in the 80's-90's.
volkswagen passat is the latest price..? i cant found it on google..i think it will be disp[layed wrong.....
I am thinking of buying a Volkswagen CC. I am concerned about Volkswagen due to mixed reports on reliability/quality and high servicing costs. Did anyone have this experience wi...
Anybody knows something about new Volkswagen Touareg : ?
Here are the models and years of the recalled diesel-power vehicles in the US : Volkswagen Jetta, 2009-15 Volkswagen Beetle, 2009-15 Volkswagen Golf, 2009-15 Volkswag...
This is a Norwegian commercial. Volkswagen Trailer Assist - Backing up a trailer And how they did it
Hello, I am new to this forum. I am planning to buy Volkswagen polo and i want to know how much polo generaly consumes. Thanks.
Hello friends I just wanted to know the difference between Volkswagen Jetta new version and the old version can anyone help me out.
hi bros, being on MCF for sometime, i have seen my fair share of the legendary Volkswagen horrors. anyone can share the good things about their rides and the bad also. th...
I am looking to sell my $500 Volkswagen dealer credit. I am in NYC and would meet you to buy whatever you need from Volkswagen in exchange for cash. I will provide a discount ...
13 photos in the gallery 2016 Volkswagen Taigun
Text and Source:
New Volkswagen Beetle review
Volkswagen XL1 prototype
Ive got a brand new in box, still sealed in bag Meyle oil pump part # 027 115 105 E for 8v engines, complet with baffle Lookiing for $45 shipped to lower 48, thats lower...

29 days ago

Hi, found another radio in my garage and it needs code. VWZ1Z3A6720022 can u tell me the code? Thanks!

More than a year ago

Any idea if VW is bringing this to the USA?? This would be ideal for my needs for a repalcement for my Outback!
Sergio Marchionne has brought his battle against Volkswagen to the United States. Chrysler/Fiat are currently offering $1000 off of their new vehicles if you currently own or l...
Volkswagen XL1 prototype Volkswagen XL1 prototype caught completely undisguised

18 days ago

Hello! Something happened with my Volkswagen. The engine began to run unevenly, appeared to vibrate, and the oil consumption increased. Has anyone encountered this problem? What...

More than a year ago

Hello, is anybody looking for a 1993 Volkswagen Corrado Vr6???? Well i have one for sale. I wanted to have a nice car for a project but unfortunately i have no time to work on i...
Just as the title states. I'm looking for an NOS "Volkswagen" script for the hatch of a rabbit GTI. Let me know what you have. Thanks.
I am looking for 1999 Volkswagen Cabrio key fob eom. I am hoping that someone out there has one in better condition than the ones on Ebay.
Hello: I need help to get the code for volkswagen beta car radio, from blaupunkt. The serial code is: VWZ1Z2C8058307 Any help will be appreciated. Best regards
I just bought my 1st volkswagen! I am the ground new owner of an 2011 Jetta Sportwagen TDI just brought her home with me tonight. I traded in my Volvo S60....and I'm happy that ...
do anybody knows the price of Volkswagen Polo in Germany ? gds vci
I recently purchased a 83 GTI It's missing the emblem on the left rear the Volkswagen script one Any one have one to sell, I really don't want a shiny new one.
Hey everyone. I'm new to volkswagen. Just picked up a 2005 GLI 1.8T for $4000 with only 68,728 miles it's an automatic though. How are these cars?
Hi there ! just joined the forums, and i need help for my radio code (Volkswagen RCD 210). MODEL: ULVWMP3 - 1K0035156A Serial number: VWZAZ1H7029255 Thanks !
Pls guys , help me with d code for my Volkswagen Passat stereo..... Serial number on d code is vwz6z3v1461155 ..... Vin is wvwzzz3bwe271964 ..... Tnx
i need code for may car radio volkswagen premium made in clarion pu1666avwz9z7y72110001j0 035 180 d1jm 035 157 c help me please thanks
Anyone know the part numbers for the two exhaust hangers for the muffler on a 2010 Volkswagen CC ?? Preferably the rear one closest to the rear bumper. Thank you!!
Still plenty for Christmas!! 1991 Volkswagen Sale Brochure (all models). I have MANY of these mint condition stil...
Hi! Please help me for my gamma t4 code volkswagen Blaupunkt Gamma T4 BNO vwz1z3x0620050 7 **** TEL ***
This was my last work in 2014 , a Volkswagen 1966 tamiya , I tried to do the foose style painting , the rest of this unique model, only abased a bit , hope you enjoy. ...
I have a 1999 Volkswagen Cabrio. What has happened is the A/C compressor has locked up and snapped the serpentine belt. My questions is this: is it possible to bypass the compre...
I'm considering a winshield banner on my GTI. What do you guys thinks of"volkswagen racing"thanks[Modified by DubAddict, 10:54 PM 9-13-2002]
so im in the market to buy a Volkswagen. my option is either a MK3 GLX VR6 or a MK4 GLX VR6 1997-2004 any recommendations or what to look for in both? Thanks !!
Hello Everyone, I bought my first German car and was excited about it. I have a 2009 Volkswagen CC VR6 4Motion Executive. I look forward for everyone's input in terms of maint...
My 1997 Volkswagen Jetta GT ...
First pictures of the next Passat Variant
German car manufacturer Volkswagen announced the recall of 193,620 vehicles in service in Brazil, with the possible failure at the rear wheels Novo Gol and Voyage models, there ...
keep hearing on radio about the volkswagen parking assist.can someone enlighten me on its technology and functions wats so special and good about this system ?Other makes an...
Hey all Just wondering if anyone is breaking or knows of a mk5 2004 Volkswagen golf 1.9tdi for breaking All help appreciated
Does anyone know where I can find clip art of people with Volkswagen tattoos because I'm planning on getting one and I just wanted to see which kind people had to gather idea's ...
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