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More than a year ago

I have a 2007 Subaru Impreza WRZ and have just had a spoiler fitted which it never had a spoiler on it before. Now its on I need to sort the electrics so the brake light wor...
Hi guys my subaru impreza is making a loud nocking noise from the engine would this be likely that the bottom end has gone? I have a video but not sure how to upload it. ...
New in box. Flywheel, pressure plate and clutch to adapt a Subaru 2.2L engine to a Porsche 912 transmission. ');
Hi i have a Subaru Impreza wrx 2005 blob eye im looking to do some mods to it and was after some advice im looking to upgrade brakes, suspension and do some engine work any ...
I've got a standard Subaru alarm system on my 2000 UK classic, but it doesn't make any noise when it goes off! Is there anything I can do with the keypad to make it make noise a...
I have Subaru Impreza TUrbo WRX 1994.What is the best oil to use for these?ThanksBaz ');
Great news today Jason Plato is going to drive for subaru in the new season and also Matt Simpson has signed up this year as well so good luck
Opinions about the boxer diesels? what are they like? issues performance? Good or bad? Looking at a 2009 Subaru impreza
Can I have the Subaru ecu coded to my car.I have a Subaru forester turbo on a W plate and I mnaged to get hold of a Subaru 2000 uk turbo y7 ecu. ');
Title says it all. Will they? I've asked a few of the people at my local subaru dealer and most say they don't know, one said he hopes so. A new outback with ~300hp would ...
Has anyone found a source for a definitive list comparing the differences between the WRX and STi and what you get for the added $8K between the 2 versions? I have been to Subar...
Anyone have any personal experience with Subaru's as a used car?Are they "Honda" reliable?Searching for used car for one of my kids...Thanks!
Looking for my old subaru 1994 reg:m911 yud anyone seen it or know where it is/ who's got it would love it back willing to pay top money ');
I own a Subaru forester 2013 and it has an auto hatchback function. It's slow and annoying. So, is there a way to disable this feature?
I own a Subaru forester 2013 which has an auto opening rear door. The auto opening function is slow and annoying. So... Is there a way to disable the function, and if so how?
Im searching for a good first car and I wanted a Subaru impreza or an older outback, witch should I buy?
Can anyone help me out to figure out what year Subaru are you supposed to use for the brake upgrade to the master cylinder on my zuk
Does anybody know what year Subaru's you're supposed to use for the master cylinder Break upgrade to replace on the Suzuki samurai?
Been on vacation so I missed this last week. Ask/flame away:2013 Subaru BRZ Auto First Test  
Subaru parts catalog not sure if its a repost or not but its made my job alot easier !!!
Can someone help me please? Subaru knowledge would be a great asset.Please post your CVs here. Thank you.Cheers,Pierre.
Hello, i have 2ZZ turbo, and i have installed subaru maf (Denso 197400-2090) in 3" pipe. Someone have right setting for airflow curve for apexi pfc? thanks
For sale my pride and joy subaru sti hawkeye on a 55reg Please contact me on 07818451027 if interested £8000 no offers please check my garage I'm located at near junctio...
Saw this earlier today on my commute. Unmarked but obviously a Subaru. It was led by a red BRZ with manufacturer plates.Just wanted to share
Hi do anyone know of a Subaru gearbox Breakers? Who strips down half decent boxes For spare parts? After selector forks
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