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More than a year ago

my wife is allowing me to use her truck as a donor to my '68. (after i get her a new car of course). this SUV is an AWD and has the half shafts coming out the side of the oil...
I understand that this pressure plate is a " Sachs pressure plate from a Saab". Does anyone know the Saab part # for that pressure plate? Also would this pressure plate work on...
vouchers for london
I am thinking abt going for the above. However, I am having concern on it's parts availability and reliability.Anyone with experience can share info on this?By the way, what...
Rust will find a way!I'm looking for a hood for a 9-3 in the Montreal area. Car runs OK otherwise, old "wound" on the hood has finally gave up.'Cosmic blue' would be per...
I seen pictures of this swap into a MK2. A B3 cannot be too far off. Does anyone have info on his swap? Besides the obvious custom motor mounts, axels and a stand alon...
Does anyone have any info on this swap? Besides the obvious custom mounts, axels and standalone system, what else is needed to make this work? I like the huge power po...
I think this was the first AMS comparison test that features not only a winner but also subchapters and points for certain qualities.
So I'm going to be getting a personal license plate. A friend of mine has a Saab Aero so his license plate is "Snaaab" (snob+saab). Was just wondering what cool names I could pu...
Could premium small cars be the next hot segment? Things appear to be heating up with the MINI being joined by the Volvo C30 and word of another Swede stepping into the fray. Sa...
09 Zetec Mondeo with 67Km and FFSH is €9K cash or my 05 Saab 93 1.8T with 41K miles and €5.5K Guess it's do I want the hassle of trying to sell my Saab and make more than €3...
Today, AutoWeek Netherlands is reporting that the car will be a 400 horsepower grand tourer. The car is said to have similarities to the Aston Martin DB9 coupe. Apparently, the ...
Gentlemen, does anyone know if the Saab 9-7x hood is interchangeable with any of the Chevy, GMC or Buick versions? Thanks.
What is the putty that you use to repair cracks?Is it polyurethane? 2 part?I've got a lot of work to do on my SAAB seats.
Can you help me because I have an opportunity to get my hands on garrett gt1752 from SAAB 9-3, but I like to know will it be compatible with my 2.8 VR6 Passat (B4)?
Nevs has been building 9-3 models in Saab's longtime factory in Trollhattan, using technology that was developed by GM. The Swedish company has yet to establish a physical deale...
psa: this is a stupid, automotive trivia thread. Highest model number I could think of was the Saab 9000. Is there anything out there that is ... over 9000?
I have a 2005 Saab 93 with 300000 klms, running well bar a possible clutch/flywheel pending issue. I have spent 3000€ over the past 2 years to keep her alive The nct is go...
Have been looking at Legacies as want to upgrade my daily hack Volvo V40 soon.Trouble is the 3L is too thirsty and rare, the 2.5 is... well a 2.5 and the 2L is a bit underpo...
I can't recall when I've seen an SPG this nice; probably around 1991. The seats and underhood photo...
OK. Serious question here, as in a few months I might be looking into buying a new (used) car.Would you guys spring for a Saab 9-5? The newer ones (2010, 2011). They have NO w...
3x petrol engine from 160 hp (1,6 litre engine) up to 300 hp (2,8 litre V6) and 2x diesel engine with 160 ...
I am thinking of getting a saab just because they seem to be really affordable. any common problems with these cars that i should be aware of? like electrical, drivetrain, etc.?

28 days ago

For those that are running the Saab distributor with vacuum, are you using one with points and condensor or is it one with Hall effect or something? Are all of them using spri...

More than a month ago

Hello all, I just bought a new car, well new to me so I now have an e39 540i Sport (selling) Audi TT  and the new addition is a 2006 Saab 9-5 Aero. I needed something comfy fo...
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