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More than a year ago

If you have a montero, outlander or any other mitsubishi like starion, etc. post it here! ');

More than a month ago

will a 2003 mitsubishi eclipse door fit a 2001 mitsubishi eclipse convertable? Looking to change out my damaged passenger door. Thanks

More than a year ago

Read from MSN news and aired on CNN that Mitsubishi motors predicted to pull out from US market like Suzuki did last year! ');
I am working in a Mitsubishi Lancer 2002, and after a head removal and instalation it does not start. just if I keep it accelerated. I really need help.
hi all, would anyone know where i could get the lock fixed or replaced on the 'fullbox' of a Mitsubishi L200, thanks
Another ukranian mad mechanic/jewelerLamborghini Reventon from a Mitsubishi Eclipse - YouTube
It doesn't look like Mitsubishi has any more new Models, even Evo X has not changed. Will it cease to exist in the states ?
I remember reading at least a year ago that Mitsubishi was pulling out of the US Market. Yet I am seeing commercials for the 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander on TV. What gives? Was it ...
This Deranged 978hp Mitsubishi Colt Is A 200mph Missile - Car Throttle
New evo is no new evo. Same as the old 5 ones. With Minor Interior upgrades. ');
2010 Mitsubishi Shogun
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Experience
The only one I've seen in the wild. I can't imaging anyone getting this over a Mazda 2, Versa or Accent.
When a company need to copy one of the ugliest car on the planet , it show how desperate they are...  
I need to get a new clutch on my 04 lancer. What are some shops that will do this besides the dealer. Thanks in advance!
Join this club if you own a Mitsubishi I am an owner of a "1991 Mitsubishi Lancer GTi" Mitsubishi Car Club PHP Code: [URL="
Please help in decoding the radio Mitsubishi RX-2E74W dump for download ( ) 93c46 Rotation Thank you for your help
Very exciting 1970's Mitsubishi GTO , nice sound, good looks.  
Hasegawa model of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo III rally car.Contents:Reference:Work so far:Regards,Denilson
Would someone who has a stock 2006 Mitsubishi Eclispe GT post a photo of the interior fuse box please??? This is mine and need to know if there is anything installed that shoul...
Any mitsubishi owners I could use your help. Am particularly looking for front shocks on a 04 galant V6. Thanks.
Hi, Factory Mitsubishi Oil Filter, what brand is it? Does anyone knows who is the actual manufacturer? Has it been cross sectioned and compared to other brands? Thanks
Hey guys, I'm looking for these Guages as shown in the attached picture, they look like it's made but Mitsubishi motors with the logo on it . Any ideas on where I can find t...
Hi every one, I have a 1999 Mitsubishi Chariot Grandis Exceed (N84W), I cant activate my Multi Communication System because I dont have the software CD. I would be ver...
Just purchased a gray 2006 evo from Capital Mitsubishi in Santa Clara, CA. Just trying to get information from someone who knows any or even the previous owner. Thanks ...
Hello there. Someone knows where on the net could I find Mitsubishi part numbers? Is there some type of database for this? I've found one webpage for this, but only works f...
Can anyone recommend a good place to get Mitsubishi OEM parts online? Smaller parts and accessories, nothing major.
hey whats up guys. Iam new to the forum I just bought a 2009 Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart. now I'm just starting the process of planning what mods to start with. ...
hi... mitsubishi motors u068 MR490089 DY 2U05W 34U0068 SERIAL 95114202 onto display"OFF" eeprom 93C46 dump is attached need no code asked dump BR
A friend of mine works for Subaru and he told me today that Mitsubishi decided to pull out of the U.S. market. Not sure how "official" this is but that's what he was told.
At the beginning of the 90`s Mitsubishi was on top of the world. Now it seems to be destined to end production and sales of cars in the U.S. What happened to make them drop the ...
Does anyone have an coupon codes for any mitsubishi parts websites? I need to order a new remote start key fob MZ360361EX. Just trying to save a few $ThanksMatt ...
I'm thinking of getting a Lancer 1.5 INTENSE 08 or 09. I really like the look of them. Has anyone driven one? What are they like and are there any Mitsubishi dealers in Dublin t...
Hi my 04 Mitsubishi Diamante is coming up with a P0155 code, and from what I've seen so far it looks like it is a sensor. Can someone please tell me where this sensor is and abo...
Frankly this is embarrassing that a major car company is not at the Auto Show again this year. What is up with Mitsubishi, are they slowing leaving the American market? ...
I just stumbled upon this website and was wondering if there are such websites for any other brand... Has anyone seen it? Mitsubishi (Cars, TVs, Discrimination) Sucks
Hello: Are there any other vehicles that have cargo space like the mitsubishi endeavor but get better gas mileage??? Any help is appreciated.
In China, Soueast is still selling the previous generation of Mitsubishi Lancer compact car. The car was introduced in 2006 and is equiped with 1.6l petrol engine.
Beijing Benz-DaimlerChrysler started producing Mitsubishi Outlander -a mid-size SUV- in 2004. The car is equiped with a 2.4-litre petrol engine.
very nice Mitsubishi commercial to every one enjoy
Hi.I am from New Zealand and I bought Mitsubishi Galant Viento 1999 imported from Japan.My Multi comunication system doesnt work.I ll need some software for that,can you help me...
Guys let me know what you think, but I always find that people usually praise HONDA for its reliability when i feel Mitsubishi has the same reliability compared to them. Like is...
Regards. I need help with my radio. It is a Mitsubishi Montero. I have done everything to get the code for my radio, I tried to communicate with Mitsubishi and have not been suc...
... nomy-tests now my lancer will worth even less than fokkol....
Mitsubishi answer at first: don't care. After this video is out: they care....
Ok guys I have not been on the forums much ... and you guys may have already discussed this .... is this news real or fake ? I am shaking in anticipation if it is real !! ...
If there is any mitsubishi tech here, could you please upload a repair manual for timing belt installation? I already know how to time it, but just want to know what mit...
Nissan's purchase of Mitsubishi is officially official - Autoblog

More than a month ago

MitsubishiParts has been one of the forum's favourite source of OEM Mitsubishi parts, and certainly my favourite too. In the recent two months, the website has shut down. D...
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