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More than a year ago

hello, finished up my mini tub job and 12pt. c/m cage. Here are some pics. Still needs the rear bulkhead but all the major stuff is done.
2010 Mini Cooper S hatchback and my left tail light is out. How do you access it? Removed panel and there is a amp or similar unit there. Cannot get my hands thru the opening.
whats the difference between oem 05-06 decklid to mini decklids?..... is one longer?......guys got pics of differences?.....which looks better? tia
HiI have got a set of the USD Mini horns USD Audio WaveGuide BC-300, are they still worth installing? Yes or no to compete in EMMA with horns?Slomo
I am looking to add a NOS mini progressive nitrous controller to my car and was wondering if any and all noids can take the abuse of a progressive or do you have to buy certain ...
he wants how much???!!! ... Z328476305
... socialflow
Will a 2008 Cooper S hood fit on a base model 2008 Mini Cooper? Anyone know where I can find one ( Chili Red color ) near North Carolina?
The original Top Gear was and still is up to amazing stunts. Here's a look back at the rocket powered 20+ year old Mini that self-navigated an Olympic ski jump!
Anyone here? It's the first modified MINI I encouter since I got mine Sounds good too!Cheers,Roby!
My Friend Did a mini photoshoot on my car this weekend. The Roller shots turned out amazing that I wanted to share w/ you guys. ...
Installing an iPad Mini into the dashes of cars is getting popular, has anyone done this with 7th gen Celica? I would like to something similar with my Celica
I am installing a mini starter on my 77, I have it mounted and the battery cable on but my question is what sound I do with the big ground wire that was attached to the stock st...
I have a 2005 mini cooper, I have changed the alternator 3 times already, it works great the first day after the installation, but then it stops charging completely.
looking to find out what backspacing i need for a set of weld rts 17x12 with 345/40/17. doing a mini tub. any info would be a big help. ');
My dad built a mini pulling tractor that is based off of a garden tractor. He runs in the wild class which uses a carb'd v8. He originally had a SBC in it. ');
Who has had good luck with a mini-starter on a high-compression BB and what brand are you using? Any bad brands to stay away from? Thanks. ');
I have a 430CI stroker with the YSI kit and am making 820RWHP. I have a fully built trans and rear end and have PFADT Coilovers and front and rear sway bars. I am looking at the...
Hello! I have a 2006 Mini Cooper S. 2 door hatch back. (not a convertable) Where is the spare tire located? or is there not a spare? Thanks in advance for the help!
My neighbor just but this mini and wants HIDS. Are the kits plug and play or do you need to get the car recoded.
Does anybody know of a vendor or perhaps a member from the site who sells mini tubs. Probably want an extra 1" 1/2 each side. Thanks Mark.
I tryed searching but didn't come up with anything I was liking for.. I'm looking for carbon fiber mini tub.. Not the full tub but minis.. Any help? Thanks ');
And another excellent Mini in NZ and in NZ$: Cheers
Hey guys im trying to find out wat the ideal compression is for a 1979 austin mini for my dad. we think its 150 but are not sure. we found the ratios but dont get it can anyone...
Anyone happen to know if Frank Keanes do Mini service on the Naas Road or is it just sales? I see there's a service place in Blackrock too.
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