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More than a year ago

Long time no post here. Some might remember I did this with the Coupe and Roadster pics ahead of Frankfurt. Couldn't resist colouring in the Countryman too. MI...
The new Mini felt right at home in Puerto Rico. Tight, winding roads really showcased the Mini's ever present go-kart handling. New generation engines with Mini TwinPower Turbo ...
which one gives the most room (smallest) and has the power to turn the motor over without issue? ');
As this been done to fit bigger feet on a street car? Anyone got any pics? ');
have to share this one To remove this ad, register today or login if you already are registered! ');
I tried to keep it civilized but my curiosity got the better of me. Re-adjusted the perches to get me closer to the ground.
Some friends and I took a ride down PCH a weeks ago. Here are some edited pictures of my car my friend took.
Was hoping to see this yesterday. Mainly interested in how it will be priced/equipped compared to the Kindle Fire and others..... rumor mill is sometime in October.
can someone explain to me what the difference is between the two? benifits of one over the other, expereiences with both please..
I was looking for more MINI communities to join, and found out that MINI is applying for Nationwide Heritage Status IN MALAYSIA! Check out the site:
Pelican MINI-ites! What's not to love about mans best friend? We want to see yours with your MINI. It's always fun seeing those big dogs riding comfortably in MINI's as w...
Figured there would have already been a thread on this, but couldn't seem to find. I believe the RSX fuses (at least majority of them) are mini fuses, not ATO, correct? Wikipe...
How do I verify a MINI is a JCW? I have a feeling the previous owner of my 2006 MINI Cooper S just bought a bunch of badges on ebay or something, and then misrepresented his MIN...
Hi all, I have a MINI coupe R58 with visual boost, but no mini connected. I ask my dealer to upgrade it, but they said those only after 2012.7 support in China. so is it avail...
Cooper' is a name plastered on the back of nearly every MINI, but where did it come from? From the MINI GP to the classic Mini XCar Films tells a little bit of its story. This w...
I tried searching but nothing really came up. When reading about Mini's on the forums i hear a lot of woes about their reliability. I was wondering if that extended to the base ...
Thinking ahead for 2014:?CanAm Mini Challenge June 26-29, 2014Mini Meet: East meets West, July 2-6, 2014PVGP - Mini is marque of the year - July 11-20, 2014
First it was the MINI Coupe.Now the MINI Roadster enters it's Public testing. It is also a better chance to see the pop-up spoiler.Caught on a gas trip aswell as a Big Mac...
Mini Challenge crashes into crowed - Kain Magro's MINI Challenge racecar crashed over a barrier into the crowd.
The all-new MINI Countryman has been completely redesigned and reengineered from the ground up, yet still is instantly identifiable as a MINI. Now incorporating BMW Group engine...
Taking culture branding to the next level - the first MINI bar. Budapest. "Food, Drinks, Music and MINI" is what you will get when going there with your friends:...
The MINI Production Plant at Oxford, where more than 10,000 people come to visit and see how MINI's are produced, just made their 3 millionth MINI Dec. 1st. It's crazy to think...
I am looking to trade my 1963 (actually a 1976 canadian body) Mini with a B16 swap for a clean ITR. Black or CW preferred. The mini has a clean B16 with new clutch, timing be...
Budapest. "Food, Drinks, Music and MINI" is what you will get when going there with your friends: April 10th saw the official opening in Budapest of the world?s first MINI BAR, ...
Post pictures of your MINI COOPER ))) - - - All Mini Cooper owners unite here :-)Here's the link to my MINI COOPER page: ...
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