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More than a year ago

Does anyone know which model year Mazda made the change from one airbag design to the other? I just recently noticed this detail change.
does anyone know how a hood or truck would arrive if ordered through mazda? bare metal? primer? painted?
These Are The Insane "Bubble Cars" From When Mazda Went Nuts 20 Years ago...
Best-Ever October Sales for Mazda2 and Mazda3 -More...
Ryan Named SuccessorMore...
So, what was the best Mazda ever made? It's probably a toss up between the MX-5 or the RX-7. For me it's the RX-7. Though this RX500 concept car from 1970 is also ...
Hi i am looking for a mazda 323 1996 glx for parts or just the starter from it my starter went and i need to get it fixed this weekend, if anyone can help in the wexford waterfo...
hi anyone have the mazda numbers of: egr gasket oil gasket hydrolic timing belt tensioner
Hey I'm building a Hopper out of a Mazda truck. Does any body have any pics of how to set up front end? Also, suggestions on how to set it up also. Pics would be great. I am a v...
Four Vehicles Post Historical Sales Numbers -More...
I found this article and thought you might be interested: Toying With the 2013 Mazda MX-5 Miata Club on Latest Ignition--Get more from MOTOR TREND News while on the go. Do...
I saw a Green Mazda 2 2013 on the road and thought the color look really cool, any opinions on how this color might look on a Corrado?
hi, i need to know how to enter the code for auto radio mazda 6 SERIE GJ6G66DSXE02, code flasher on board any time. thkx in advence.
Does anyone know off the top of there head the color of the two wires Mazda uses to feed power to the fuel pump? I don't want to ripe my interior out to look
Been loving my MX-5's for years! Time to get rid of the gf's crappy Nissan, so we got a 2013 Mazda 3 5dr in Velocity Red Mica! It's a great car!
Saw the new Mazda BT50 on the highway. As much as I think the new Ford Ranger looks great, the new BT50 really does look awkward?
Hi all,Since MMS is gone soon and my warranty is over too, I am looking for a good and reliable Mazda workshop for serving my Mazda5. Anyone has any good recommendation? TIA.
If someone want information about the brand new 2012 Information, Mazda 2 . You can found interresting information about the skyactiv technology, price, exclusives picture etc.
Hi we currently have a mazda 6 2004 1.8 and need a bigger car so was looking at an S80 2 litre petrol would the S80 be incredibly expensive to run in comparison to the mazda? Th...
I was paralyzed in 2013 from a motorbike racing crash. I bought a new Mazda6 and Mazda will send you up to $1000 for adaptive equipment if you need it. They said 6-8 weeks to g...
I find an MSRP for the low end Mazda 6 for about $ 22,315. I am curious what people are really paying for these sedans as I might have to buy one soon. I can get a bottom of t...
Over Four Dozen Mazda Racers Coming to Monterey ? More...
Mazda podium sweep in CTSCC and Largest MX-5 Cup Race Highlight WeekendMore...
I just received this in my email and thought I'd pass it on.
Mazda North American Design Director Julien Montousse Discusses Kodo DesignMore...
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