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More than a year ago

Can someone help me out with the code for fiat punto radio code ..many thanks BP 7649372316 nr fiat **** TEL ***
As a FIAT internet salesman, this is pretty interesting to see Tom.Wheatley's Fiat 500 What do You Think?
Hello, I need code for CD Radio VISTEON ( Fiat Stilo ) Serial No M012658 Fiat part No 735296997 Thanks for help!
So, if the ND and the Fiat end up sharing enough bits, will there be a subsection in the ND forum for them? Should there be?
Hello,It is possible delete the cancheck in this car radio Visteon Fiat OB, and how can I do?Thank you.
Hello Need a code for fiat Ducato please Fiat Ducato CD NS BP331857219871 Fiat nr **** TEL *** BP -Nr 7 **** TEL *** Thanks
The design of the fiat cars are so outstanding. In India FIAT was once the oly choice fro speed and performance lovers. The fiat collaborated with premier automobiles and launch...
FIAT" is the best car in the world. I think that because it's a high quality car. "FIAT" has new technology that affect to high quality of the engine and high q...
Blaupunkt GMBH Made in Portugal 815BP638389544159 FIAT 312 MP3 SB05 7 **** TEL *** Please help me find the radio code.
please i need code and reset cancheck for car radio blaupunkt fiat 312 mp3 SB05 here the dump thx
Hey guys, First one I have seen - looking for code details / where data is stored? Fiat 500L made by Continental Regards Billy
please i need code and reset eeprom for car radio blaupunkt Fiat ducato / doblo CD 7 **** TEL *** THX

More than a month ago

please i need code and off cancheck for radio fiat 7 **** TEL *** bp 433651477141 here the dump 95320 thx
Hello I want to know the code of fiat 223 cd sb05 serial at left 815BP633165602357 Serial at right 7 **** TEL *** Thank

More than a year ago

Hi everyone, I need the radio code of my Fiat albea.The n° is : 735438193Brand : Toppower Thanks everyone
Fiat-Chrysler Group registrations in the world:
Hi guys, I have Fiat Stilo 1.9 JTD, I have a problem with airbag - airbag error on board. How can I fix it alone?
Could anyone help me with the code for a fiat punto the bp number is bp237634038988 thanks in advance
Has anyone the code for my stereo Fiat 199 MP3 Small. CM854291852420 7 **** TEL *** Thank you
somebody can give me code for fiat punto radio bp9372x*-*-*-* ,pr nom **** TEL *** ,7 **** TEL *** tks!
Fiat pulled a mini, but worse..Not sure on the "wording" but this might be the 500L or 500x..however some things are saying the 500x is 13 feet long..Lol

25 days ago

Hello, could you please help me with the radio code? Fiat 312 MP3 SB05 Fiat - Nr. **** TEL *** 0 BP - Nr. 7 **** TEL *** 815BP638389538743 Thank you so much!

More than a year ago

Hi to all. Please I need code stereo for my fiat multipla. Numbers are: BP 7645318316 Fiat nr. 7354285760 Blaupunkt made in Portugal 815BP531860927653 Thank you for ...
Hi everyone, I've lost my fiat 500 code card and now my radio is blocked. It is a BLAUPUNKT GMBH BP829090810792 FIAT 312 SBO5 S&S ivory 7648290316 Can anyone help me...
Hi, need helpFiat Ducato NS 56470061491BP331857222446BP-NR 7643318316Fiat NR 735388373thank you!
hello can anyone please help me with my fiat Radio Code: BP632767041863 6003290190 BP - nr: 7646327316 Fiat nr :735429552

More than a month ago

Hi all! I need code and Immo OFF dump for this flash: 25P32v6pa THX! Respect!
I need radio code for Fiat Punto 2001 Blaupunkt BP937213837015 Fiat Punto LOW 7 **** TEL *** Thanks in advance. Paypal will follow

More than a year ago

hello... i need code for Blaupunkt fiat 815 BP 829091605177 FIAT 312 SB05 7 **** TEL *** THANKS
FIAT and Chrysler are Dutch !The new FCA, FIAT Chrysler Automobiles, will legally be located in The Netherlands, fiscally they will be located in the UK and the shares will ...
Hello, could you please help me with radio code for mp3 player for fiat 500 BP Nr. 7 **** TEL *** Fiat Nr. **** TEL *** 0 Thanks
15 photos and details in the gallery 2014 Fiat Idea
The best Fiat and also the most desired inexpensive car of its era is the Fiat 124. This car arrived in the US in the year 1967.
A Fiat sponsored ad on an LS tech forum. Thats low, the only thing worse than a Fiat is a Lada (from the good ole ussr). Edit: Apparently that sponsored post was pulled quic...
fiat f199 cd ght1400 grundigeeprom 24c32inserted in other fiat ,need code,if out of car- cancheckhelp with code
I need the code of this fiat ducato cd nsBP-Nr 7 **** TEL *** Prod.Nr.Fiat **** TEL *** BP33184*-*-*-* Thanks in advance!
Hello, can anyone help getting a code for this Radio? Fiat Ducato CD NS bp-Nr.: 7643318316 fiat-Nr.: 130404807 BP331841160953
Fiat 500C Leaks Out It is adorable. M
I have only seen pictures of the Fiat 500 but hopefully I can see the real thing at the upcoming Chicago Auto show. Any thoughts on the benefits of the Smart Car versus the Fia...
The Fiat 500L reveal
Wheeler Dealer - Fiat Dino
Saw this last week while I was in southern Italy. There were tons of them everywhere but this was one of the nicer ones...
Can someone please give me a code for my car radio. Its a blaupunkt BP937215673478 Part number 7649372316 Many thanks
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I am considering the purchase of a 1980 Spider convertable. How much trouble will I have with replacement parts?
Hi I need code f263 eur fiat eeprom 24c32: fiat - Speedy Share - upload your files here Thank You!
Finally a fiat that isn't odd looking, actually looks similiar to an Infiniti(in shape) something that will finally make fiat sales rise.
Can you please help me? Does anyone know the radio code for a Fiat Panda Blaupunkt radio? Product number Fiat: **** TEL *** BP number: 7 **** TEL *** 815 BP338549062769 it's...
Chrysler are eyeing a tie up with FIAT to help it through this financial crisis. A tie-up with Fiat will provide Chrysler with small Fiat cars that it could sell as Chrysler car...
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