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More than a year ago

I need to fill my audi s5 2010s radiator and intercooler with coolant but have no idea what kind it requires. anyone know?
So Bentley just put out a Beta version of their Audi repair manual and i just checked it out.......seems to work pretty well.
This is for all the Instagram users and Audi B6 enthusiast Follow @Audi_Bsix Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
It will be a rebadged Chevy SS for 2016. The front-drive, Volkswagen MLB-based Audi A6 will die in 2015.
Im looking to swap my audi a4 convertible Its a 1.8t just had new clutch car drives lovely ');
We all love our audis, and we spend alot of time talking about customizing them, but I was wondering if anyone had any stories of someone loving you because they loved your Audi...
Anyone can recommend me, a similar forum to this, Scoobynet but it's for Audi Q5. Thanks in advance. ');
Can we get a Audi wheel thread started on here? I can start with my not so stanced sea foam green tt wheels
hi. i need from my audi chorus 7 **** TEL *** auz1z2y6977492 chorus m4 ,4boo35152bmade in portugal.thanks.
I really wanted to get an S5, but they seem to only make soft tops. Does Audi make any hard top convertibles?
Anyone know where to find USED Audi Parts in Canada or USA if shipping is reasonable to Canada.. have it shipped to a American friend.
Over winter break I went out with a good friend of mine (even though he's an Audi guy) and took some pictures.Excuse the dirty cars lol
Anyone know where I can find the black fabric used on A-pillar in a Audi S4? I have searched online but so far I couldn't find any. Thanks for the help.
Hello ALL It needs and PLEASSSSSSE Plugin from audi concert blaupunkt for programmer UPA email -] Greetings from Poland
Has anybody used the tuning software from epic tuning group? Is it any good? I have a 2002 Audi A4 3.0
I'm sure I read a thread on here about how good Shrewsbury Audi is and who to contact . Could someone please confirm this again and was a discount forth coming ? Thanks Dave
Hello, could I please have the code for Audi Grundig Gamma CC, Serial: AUZ2Z3V2020774 Thank you very much!
Any recomendation where and how much to replace the smaller fan for Audi A4 B6? Likely they need to open the front part
Hello I am restoring my 1997 audi cabriolet and having trouble finding rear struts. any sugestions ?
Had a very vivid dream of my engine being stolen last night. Woke up super bummed. Took a second to shake it off lol. Anyone else ever had an Audi nightmare?
Attention! AUDI Q5 , 2012 , WA1LFAFP6CA033390 The fraud possible! Information in Russian +37061747170
Who has done it? Are there any of you on this board that have worked for Audi or pursued careers within the automotive field (besides being a salesman )? I am graduating colleg...
Offered £350 contribution if I take Audi finance. IMHO it doesn't realy seem worth the effort / risk / hassle to arrange and then cancel the deal.
hi, new sports audi car looking good as compare to other sports car.this car having many more interesting features.
i want to know is there a good tool to make odometer for the Audi cars. the car is 2004,A4any answer i will be appreciate
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